Case Study:
Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Ongoing promotional and marketing efforts aimed at enhancing the provision of high quality health care to children in Seattle’s Central Area.

The client:
Built during the Civil Rights Era as part of the federal Model Cities Program, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic provides medical, dental, and mental health services to families in Seattle’s Central Area. A program of Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center, the Clinic depends on private contributions to serve a primarily low-income clientele.

The objective:
Produce marketing and promotional materials that will help increase patient volume in the medical clinic and expand outreach to existing and potential donors. In 2006, we did the same for the new Northwest Sickle Cell Collaborative.

The strategy:
Develop a distinct, consistent brand identity and create marketing tools that capture the Clinic’s unique spirit and the impact the Clinic has on patients, families, and the community.

The tactics:
Moore Ink. serves as overall project coordinator and writer for comprehensive marketing and promotional efforts including:

  • Coordinating development of a new logo, designed by Sweetlight Creative of Seattle.
  • Promoting a 30th Anniversary Open House and Health Fair – produced and coordinated community advertising, flyers, posters, etc.
  • Coordinating production of a 9-minute video, “For Kids, For Families, For Our Community,” highlighting the history and impact of the Clinic, produced by Dick Foley & Associates LLC
  • Writing and coordinating design and production of seven new brochures covering general information, medical services, dental care, teen health, asthma outreach, sickle cell treatment and the Women, Infants, and Children nutritional program
  • Writing and coordinating design and production of a 24-page publication targeted toward donors – conducted family/patient interviews, oversaw photo shoots, wrote and edited copy, coordinated with graphic design by Latent Image
  • Writing and coordinating design, production, and distribution of direct-mail marketing targeted at low- and middle-income families in surrounding under-served areas
  • Writing, designing, and producing a pamphlet for the Paula Marcus Guild, which raises funds for Odessa Brown, and assisting in promoting the Guild’s annual art auction

The results:
Patient volume and donor contributions showed marked increases. Produced all materials on time and within budget and successfully worked with staff and Board members to ensure input and buy-in.