Case Study:
Washington Association of Housing and
Services for the Aging

Development, writing, and promotion of a comprehensive notebook of PR strategies and tactics designed to raise the image of WAHSA member organizations in their communities.

The client:
WAHSA is a statewide association of not-for-profit nursing homes, retirement communities, and other long-term care and housing providers in Washington state.

The objective:
Improve the image of WAHSA member organizations and of long-term care and aging.

The strategy:
Use a community-based approach, providing each individual member organization with the tools and strategies to improve their image within their individual communities.

The tactics:
Created an “Image Kit” consisting of a comprehensive notebook with step-by-step guidelines and activities. The Kit comprises a total of more than 100 pages organized in 10 sections covering:

  • Tab 1: Public Relations Plan – An action-oriented plan that encompasses all the different elements an organization might use in enhancing its image.
  • Tab 2: Community Relations – Suggestions for building relationships with the community, including an initiative to position each organization as “the trusted resource on long-term care.”
  • Tab 3: Opinion Leaders – Ways to deal with influential community members.
  • Tab 4: Media Relations – How to access the news media for positive PR.
  • Tab 5: Advertising & Web Sites – Guidelines for when and how to use paid advertising and the Web, including sample newspaper and radio ads and information on participating in a new Coordinated Advertising Program for WAHSA members.
  • Tab 6: Employee Relations – Ways to work with staff to help ensure that they are effective, positive communicators about long-term care and their workplace.
  • Tab 7: Resident/Client/Family Communications – Methods for involving clients, residents, and their families in community relations and PR.
  • Tab 8: Partnerships – Tips for generating money-making partnerships.
  • Tab 9: Crisis Communications – A plan to ensure that organizations are ready to communicate effectively in the event of a crisis.
  • Tab 10: Action Plans – A spot for your own work-planning documents and materials you use to implement your image campaign.